We did it! We overcame the first phase of H2020 SME, the EU Research and Innovation Framework Program in which only 55 Suisse companies were able to participate, two of which in Ticino and one of which is exactly Arca24. Our project for this program is CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview, a software system that will change the environment and the organizational structure in the way that staffing industry works.

CB1-18 is a computer program made up of several software named Chatbot, an artificial conversational entity able to interact with applicants. As opposed to other ChatBots that can only answer the questions of consumers, such as those used in banking or insurance services, our software has been developed to ask questions and not to give the answers. Indeed CB1-18 is able to conduct a job interview automatically via auditory video and textual methods. It is able to interview all applicants asking questions in an automatic way through use of Artificial Intelligence and semantic rules. Our software can first verify their applicant’s skills with questions about their professional career and then verify the skills through a language test and a soft skills test.

Our objective is that of creating software, which can help the employability through the optimization and automatization oh the recruitment process. In particular, the aim of our project CB1-18 is to develop a new product that can potentially change the recruiting workflow turning almost the entire selection process in an automatic way in order to avoid wasting time and to enable humans just to make the final decision. Our software will help people to highlight their skills and willingness towards a fairly competition where all candidates start at the same level regardless their status.

CB1-18 is a software able to give equal opportunities to everyone, identifying professionalism and most relevant skills. It can represent a disrupted evolution in the HR market, a software system that has great economic impact with great social implications at the same time.

Now we are ready to deal with second phase as well. The first event is on the 10th of October, for which we are working with partnerships and collaborations for the development of our project.

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