Our project

Our project for this program is CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview, a software system that will change the environment and the organizational structure in the way that staffing industry works.

CB1-18 is a computer program able to interact with applicants and to conduct a job interview automatically through use of Artificial Intelligence and semantic rules.

Our software can first verify their applicant’s skills with questions about their professional career and then verify the skills through a language test and a soft skills test.


The recruiting robot.


Our analysis has revealed a positive outcome in terms of feasibility according to:

A unique and innovative solution

Asset value: complete human capital enhancement, save time/money, 85% time reduction leaving to the recruiter the time to do the evaluation; companies are able to meet their needs quickly; innovative software; digital transformation: the software will do all activities with the low added value diving back professional HR work.


Our objective is that of creating software, which can help the employability through the optimization and automatization oh the recruitment process.

In particular, the aim of our project is that of developing a new product that can potentially change the recruiting workflow turning almost the entire selection process in an automatic way in order to avoid wasting time and to enable humans just to make the final decision.

Our software will help people to highlight their skills and willingness towards a fairly competition where all candidates start at the same level regardless their status.

They talk about us…


Arca24 è una società con sede in Svizzera che si occupa di HR Software Solutions, ovvero di sviluppare soluzioni pensate appositamente per il mercato del lavoro e per chi opera nel mondo HR. Grazie al progetto CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview ha superato la prima fase di Horizon 2020, il bando europeo sulla ricerca e l’innovazione che ha il primario scopo di supportare la ricerca e lo sviluppo tecnologico… Read more


CB1-18 è un programma composto da una serie di software chiamati Chatbot, un’entità artificiale conversazionale in grado di interagire con i candidati. Al contrario di altri Chatbots che possono solamente rispondere alle domande dei consumatori, come nel caso di servizi bancari e assicurativi, il nostro software è stato sviluppato in modo che possa fare domande piuttosto che dare risposte… Read more


Bots use artificial intelligence to accomplish several tasks and soon, some job seekers may have their first job interview with them. The Ticino based Arca24 has launched its interview bot, CB1-18. Often human resources are overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive for a single vacancy. The high number of applications requires equivalently a high amount of time to process until the right candidate is selected… Read more


Abbiamo superato la prima fase di Horizon 2020, il bando europeo sulla ricerca e l’innovazione che ha visto la partecipazione di 55 aziende del territorio svizzero, di cui solamente due ticinesi e di cui una a sua volta è proprio Arca24. Il progetto che abbiamo presentato e che è stato accettato dalla commissione europea è CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview, uno strumento che cambierà il modo in cui l’industria del recruitment funziona… Read more


EU-funded project CB1-18 is changing the way recruitment and selection is carried out by making the process almost entirely automated.
With today’s highly competitive job market, new vacancies are known to attract high volumes of applications. Unfortunately, not all of them can be analysed due to time restraints and costs. Because of this, those involved in the recruitment process are often left with no choice but to exclude a significant number of applications by unintentionally resorting to discriminatory criteria. Read more

What we have done

The European Commission accepted our project and we were able to overcome the first phase of Horizon2020: of all the Suisse companies interested, which submitted their proposals, only 55 were able to participate, two of which in Ticino and one of which is exactly Arca24.

What we are doing

Now we are ready to deal with second phase as well. The first event is on the 10th of October, for which we are working with partnerships and collaborations for the development of our project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 816305 – CB1-18.


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