1. What are SoftskillLab, ExaminLab and CVideo?

  • SoftskillLab, designed by Arca24, is an online platform providing psychological tests to evaluate candidates’ and employees’ soft skills. Each soft skill can be measured individually or combined with others in an assessment test developed on a scientific basis thanks to the partnership with the Catholic University of Milan.
  • ExaminLab is the online platform Arca24 has designed for the evaluation of hard skills, such as language skills and specialized professional skills. These tests are based on CAT technology (Computerized Adaptive Tests) and they are specifically designed to adjust the level of difficulty based on the responses provided.
  • CVideo is Arca24 online platform for Video-Recruiting that allows candidates to register video interviews on delay. It is the perfect tool to help recruiters to easily select candidates without loosing precious time.

New updates of Arca24 HR Tech Tools are ongoing and consistent. Thanks to the new graphic restyling, we have completely redesigned the look of our three platforms to ensure a better user experience.

Moreover, in the section Account, under Graphics, you can customize the graphic layouts available in the software to make them look consistent with your corporate design. You can customize the logo and the header on the page candidates see when taking the test and the header in the mail sent to candidates.

3. How do SoftskillLab, ExaminLab and CVideo work?

The creation of a test session is very similar across the three HR Tech Tools:

Step 1: Insert general information

  • Fill in the relevant fields with the title and message that will be displayed in the email sent to candidates, you can choose the closing date and threshold score, and whether candidates can upload their CV.

Step 2: Select the tests and create the interview

  • For SoftskillLab and ExaminLab you can send the candidate more tests at the same time
  • For CVideo, you can write or record the questions for the interview

Step 3: Add the candidates you want to evaluate

  • You can insert the candidates’ email addresses one by one, their mobile phone numbers and some notes in the cells below, or more email addresses in the same line, separated by a comma.

Step 4: Session expiry date and use of credits

  • The retention period of the recorded videos and tests carried out by candidates will be indicated according to your subscription plan. The deduction of credits will be calculated depending on the number of credits used to create the test session.

Step 5: Session management

  • You can manage the open sessions by clicking on the job title to view the details and the tests with the respective results obtained by candidates.


4. New simplified way to insert many email addresses at once:

Recruiters must often evaluate many candidates at the same time to reduce the talent pool of potential candidates.
The three platforms SoftskillLab, ExaminLab and CVideo allows recruiters to insert several email addresses when they want to request a test or video to a wide range of candidates.

To make this option faster and easier and to reduce the possibility of mistakes, such as typos, recruiters can now insert several email addresses copying and pasting contacts from an excel file.
This function is available in the Step 3.


Arca24 is an HR Tech Factory specialised in the development of cloud software for the human resources sector.

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Reference products

oftskillLab – Online psychological testing platform

SoftskillLab is an online psychological testing platform that allows you to make an effective assessment of candidates and employees.

ExaminLab – Hard skills testing platform

ExaminLab is an online adaptive testing platform (based on “CAT” technology: Computerised Adaptive Tests) for the assessment of technical and language skills.

CVideo – On-demand video interviews

CVideo is a web-based platform for deferred video interviews, which enables a digital selection of candidates.