1. Why does your company need an ATS?

The aim of HR professionals is to target and find the perfect talent for a company. There are several steps to get this goal: CV screening, CV extraction from several e-mail boxes, interview scheduling, among many other. However, all these steps can be simplified with the use of Applicant Tracking Systems.

Applicant Tracking Systems make HR daily job simpler and faster. But they need to be integrated with the latest technologies to give remarkable results. Among the best, CV parsing is an excellent solution to help Applicant Tracking Systems to fulfill their potential.

2. What is a CV parser?

A CV parser is a software which is able to analyze any CV format, whether it is a PDF, a word, a jpeg, etc., and to extract from it elements such as basic information, education, work experience, specialized skills, so that this information is immediately available for the recruiter.
Arca24 has developed its own CV parser, which is able to organize large amounts of profiles simplifying and speeding up the recruitment process.

3. How does CV parsing work?

CV > .jpeg image > image processing > extraction > categorization

The CV is transformed into an image and it is analyzed by an integrated “image processing” software. Using neural networks, the software is able to recognize, extract and categorize the different sections of a CV:

  • Personal details
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Specialized skills
  • Profile picture
  • And others

4. Why should I use a CV parser?

Speed > Organization > Easilly accessible information

This technology works way faster than human information processing. Things you used to do in hours can now be done in a few seconds!

A CV parser can analyze and categorize large amounts of CVs in a few seconds. Once all the data are gathered in our ATS – in Ngage, our ATS + CRM software, or Talentum, our ATS and Performance management software, they can be easily searched and reached by recruiters.

5. Which links and CV versions are available in the candidate profile?

In the candidate profile (in the Profile section, CV tab) there are different versions of the CV:

  • Links to specific CV sections (Work experience, Education, Specialized skills, such as known languages, personal details);
  • Complete CV not parsed: on this version, when clicking on “Edit mode”, you can add some comments on the CV, blur or delete some sections or words in the CV, and save your edits;
  • Censored CV not parsed: on this version, that protects personal details, you can have access to the afore-mentioned functions. Moreover, the “eye” icon allows you to blur the text.


6. How can I work on automatically censored personal details?

You can take action on personal details that are automatically censored by the CV parser. Given that CVs are often very different from each other, it can happen that useful information is censored by the CV parser.

In the candidate profile (Profile section, CV tab), by clicking on Censored CV not parsed, you can remove the automatic censorship on personal details: you only have to click on the button “Back”. Once you have clicked on it, you can manually censor the text you wish to hide from the CV.


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Ngage – Staffing Agency Software

Ngage (ATS+CRM) is a solution developed to support staffing and employment agencies throughout the entire production cycle. It optimizes and digitalize the processes of talent acquisition, customer relationship and administrative management.

Talentum – Talent Management Software

Talentum is a complete and intuitive end-to-end solution that allows the HR department to acquire, manage and optimise the workforce throughout the employee’s life cycle (from search and selection activities to the onboarding of selected candidates).