1. What kind of information does a staffing agency need to find new clients?

The most direct means for a staffing agency to get new clients is finding out which companies are currently posting job offers.

It may be useful to analyze the market to get further information about the offers your competitors are posting. It can also be useful to identify the most competitive offers or to know if a client company has opened a new position without consulting your agency.

You may also need to propose a candidate who has already been evaluated and has the professional skills for a certain role. You can therefore identify which companies have open positions for that job and propose them your candidate.

These needs are often met by researching on the web, visiting the web sites of your competitors, job aggregators and job boards. However, this research is extremely time-consuming for recruiters and sales managers.

2. How can you find all this information quickly and have more time for activities directly aimed towards new clients?

Arca24 proposes a new functionality, which allows to easily gather all the information that may be useful to staffing agencies helping them find new customers.

Thanks to this functionality you get to know:

  • which companies are currently looking for new talents;
  • which job offers are being pushed by your competitors;
  • which companies are looking for a specific job.


3. How can I search for a job position or a competitor online?

Arca24 proposes the JobRadar, a new functionality designed to provide staffing agencies with a tool which is able to give them a market overview.

Search for role

You just need to specify the role and the country. The tool will show you in a few seconds the job offers that are currently online. You can also use filters on location and company name to refine your search.

Search for competitor

You need to select the competitor’s name and location. The system will show you the job offers currently available online. You can also reduce the distance range to narrow down your search.

For every job offer you will see the following information:

  • job offer title and publication date;
  • link to the job offer;
  • client name, if available;
  • name of the job board where the offer is published;
  • professional titles related to that job offer and matched by our semantic engine.

When saving a search, the system will send the recruiter a periodic email with the new job offers online matching the selected criteria.

4. CRM Integration

The JobRadar feature is integrated within the CRM of Ngage, our software for staffing agencies.
In one click you can link a strategic job offer to an existing client or to a new client, and send them a candidate meeting their needs. All in one software!


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