Detailed view of specific CV sections and automatic import of candidate profile picture

Reference products Ngage, Talentum
Release month October 2021

1. What is a resume parser?

A resume parser is a software designed to simplify the storage and analysis of the data contained in a resume, making the selection process more efficient and easier.

2. How does resume parsing work?

The resume parser developed by Arca24 is able to analyse any CV format. It converts CVs in images, and, thanks to an integrated “image processing” software, it recognises the resume sections and splits it in different parts: personal details, work experience, education, skills, profile picture and other info.

3. Why should I use a resume parser?

Recruiters use resume parsing to simplify the resume review. The parsing technology allows recruiters to electronically collect large amounts of resumes. Once the resume data are acquired, they can be easily searched and consulted both in Talentum – the software designed by Arca24 for human resources management at a corporate level, and in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) module of Ngage, our software for employment agencies.


4. What are the main features of the resume parser developed by Arca24?

Recruiters can easily find and access the CV section they need (for ex., Skills or Work experience) thanks to an interactive menu, which is available on every candidate profile. Moreover, the candidate profile picture is directly imported in the candidate profile. This new automatic function allows recruiters to have a full and immediate view on a candidate profile, saving time instead of uploading pictures manually.


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Reference products

Ngage – Staffing Agency Software

Ngage (ATS+CRM) is a solution developed to support staffing and employment agencies throughout the entire production cycle. It optimizes and digitalize the processes of talent acquisition, customer relationship and administrative management.

Talentum – Talent Management Software

Talentum is a complete and intuitive end-to-end solution that allows the HR department to acquire, manage and optimise the workforce throughout the employee’s life cycle (from search and selection activities to the onboarding of selected candidates).