1. What are cognitive skills?

Cognitive skills are the set of abilities and functions necessary for the acquisition and processing of information, which underlie the processes of learning, memory, problem solving, attention and knowledge.

They are the ways in which the brain remembers, reasons, attracts attention, thinks, reads, and learns. Cognitive skills help a person process new information by taking it and distributing it to appropriate areas of the mind.

SoftskillLab investigates 3 different cognitive areas: attention, memory, logic, and reasoning.
You can investigate each individual area with a light Digital Escape Room or assess the whole set of cognitive skills with the full Digital Escape Room.

2. Digital escape room

Escape room is a very famous game that aims to solve some puzzles, thanks to which the leading role (i.e. the player) will reach the exit of a phantom house or building.
SoftskillLab introduces it into a digital version!

In collaboration with Università Cattolica of Milan, it was decided to includes this game in the analysis of cognitive skills, so the player/candidate will find himself applying and seeing measured his cognitive skills without realizing it…actually having fun!

3. Specific digital escape room

A. attention

The test assesses the sustained/consistent, selective and divided attention span.

4. Memory

The test assesses the long-term memory and working capacity of candidates and employees.

4. Logic and reasoning

The test assesses the set of skills that allow you to analyse information in a timely and rational manner.

4. Complete digital escape room

Attention, memory, logic and reasoning

A complete Digital Escape Room that allows you to assess all 3 cognitive areas in a single test:

  • attention (attention capacity – sustained/constant, selective, divided;
  • memory (memory capacity – long-term, working);
  • logic and reasoning (logic and reasoning skills of candidates and employees).

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