What is an Applicant Ranking System

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An Applicant Ranking System (ARS) is the modern version of a traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Our ARS, which is based on Artificial Intelligence designed for the HR sector, is able to read skills in CVs and requirements in job offers and perform an automatic matching between the two, by automatically ranking applicants’ profiles with searches. In this way, pre-screening is directly performed by the AI matching software.

Talentum is an Applicant Ranking System available in 7 languages, which is able to match profiles even when job ads and CVs are written in different languages and create a talent pool of active and passive candidates, who are ranked by competences thanks to an automatic ranking system.


Features and benefits of an Applicant Ranking System

1. AI CV Matching

The AI matching solution system includes a semantic engine able to read and classify CVs and job offers, by automatically pre-screening candidates’ profiles.
The ranking is not limited to the candidates who applied to the job, but also includes those present in the CV database. After reading the job description, the matching engine automatically scans the CVs registered at the database and shows the most suitable profiles to the recruiter, by creating a first talent pool of passive candidates.

AI matching shows the percentage of compatibility of each applicant with the search and makes visible the tags, e.g. the professional skills, extracted from their CV. In this way, it is possible to quickly carry out the first steps of the selection process, which is typically the most expensive in terms of time. Find out how an AI matching software works on our dedicated page.

2. Multiposting

The system includes an advanced multiposting tool integrated with the most popular job portals and social networks: over 100 integrated channels are available, the biggest ones are visible in our Marketplace and some of them are available for free. An Applicant System that allows: the simultaneous posting of job offers on the available portals, thanks to many connection APIs available in the multiposting tool, the effective management of the CV database and the collection of all applications received within the management system.

A recruiting software able to generate corporate assets and to guarantee an effective and complete selection process, within a single application.

3. Employer Branding

Talentum is directly integrated into the company website: logos, colours, fonts and footers reflect the client’s corporate image; a customized graphic layout that provides visual continuity to the user.

The Applicant Ranking System is indexed through a customer subdomain (e.g. www.career.company.com) to guarantee the best user experience to candidates. Talentum can be used in both desktop and mobile versions.

4. Real-time and automated video interviews

An integrated video recruiting system allows the creation of automated and live video interviews.

Candidates can easily answer the video interview, by directly accessing the video session, even from their tablets or smartphones.

A responsive and user-friendly function, which is able to guarantee an optimal user experience for recruiters and candidates and a positive employer branding for organizations.

5. Test on hard skills and soft skills

Talentum includes a soft skills test system, providing “custom” assessments, what we call job tests, which consist of 46 questions, with a total duration of 15 minutes. Based on the responses received, the platform is able to return a psychological profile of the candidates through a bar chart and a spidergram.

Thanks to the integration with ExaminLab – online platform for adaptive tests on hard skills – language, accounting and programming languages tests are also available.

6. Candidate’s personal area

The candidate has his/her own personal area where he/she can upload photos, documents and certifications. He can also activate a “job agent” to be updated on new job offers corresponding to his/her expectations, record a video CV to better present himself/herself to recruiters and complete Job Test on psychological styles.

7. Share and feedback

Sharing the candidate’s profile with the line or with the internal client has never been easier. By clicking on the “share” button, it is possible to quickly and safely share the candidate’s profile, without having to provide access credentials to the recruiting software. In a personalized email, the recipient receives one or more links (one for each candidate), from which the recipient can access the profile and leave a feedback. Once the evaluation is completed, the recruiter will receive an immediate notification.

8. Multimailing and SMS

From the recruiting software it is possible to communicate with the candidate by sending e-mails and sms (possibility of single sending and massive messages). All activities are then saved within the candidate’s activity tracking system, in order not to lose any useful information.

9. Selection filters

The selection process can be refined with over 50 filters related to personal and professional data. It is also possible to refine the search by using filters on the activities already carried out by the candidate.

10. Agenda, activities and documents

All the activities created during the selection process are saved within the software and are visible in a dedicated area: the agenda; a sharing tool, which is easily connected with third party tools such as: Google Calendar, Outlook, Gmail, etc. All the software users are able to view and share activities.

It is also possible to attach documents to the candidate’s profile, where they will be archived together with the CV in the original version. All documents are tracked by a tag system.

11. Recruiting analytics

A reporting system allows data-driven evaluations of the different stages of the selection process. In addition to the personal data, it is possible to view candidates by geographical area and origin, the status of their profiles, to examine recruitment by source of origin and to analyze the recruiting activities carried out by the recruiter towards the candidates.

Discover all the features and benefits of using software based on IA and Machine Learning and developed vertically for the HR world.

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