What is a Talent Management Software

The Onboarding & Data Management module allows you to enter the personal details of new employees into the system, define the company structure, map the roles of employees and establish organisational objectives and behaviour for each.

Talentum is an accurate resource management tool that allows you to administer the entire supply chain within a single software.


Features and benefits of a Talent Management Software

Each employee can access the Talent Management software via browser from any device

1. Personal area of the employee

Each employee can access the Talent Management software via browser from any device; within your personal area you will also have visibility on: department organization chart, messages, open vacancies to which you can apply, document management and evaluation events (present only if the Performance Management module is active).

2. Three level corporate structure

The module allows the creation of an organizational structure, even complex, using three multiple choice variables: the creation of company sites, divisions (e.g. the Sales and Marketing division) and – as a subset of the latter – departments.

3. Onboarding of employees

The personal data can be transferred directly from the Talentum Applicant Ranking System or it is possible to proceed with the manual insertion of personal, contractual, role and workplace data. Once this information is present, the employee profile is created in the system.

4. Organization chart by role and employee

Once the candidates have been onboarded, the system automatically creates a dynamic company organization chart, which can be consulted both by role (visibility of the structure only, without any reference to the individual employees) and by actual configuration (each employee is shown, within the organization chart, associated with your specific role).

5. Internal vacancies

The system allows you to publish internal job offers and perform all selection activities (automated video interviews and tests on available soft and hard skills). All online profiles will be placed within a proprietary talent pool and sorted by degree of compatibility with the search, thanks to an integrated ranking system that uses AI matching to optimize recruiting processes.

6. Role models

It is possible to create an infinite number of roles, defining the main characteristics for each. The created models are not directly associated with employees; it is a step that takes place at the time of onboarding and allows you to quickly and intuitively check any roles discovered within the organization chart.

7. Models of expected skills and behaviors

Each role can be associated with an indefinite number of technical skills (hard skills) and expected behaviors (soft skills) – characteristic of the organization – that the employee has to possess in order to fill the position.

8. Permission management

The module provides an account management system that allows the creation of new users (with related accesses) and the assignment of specific permits based on the features present in the Talent Management Software.

9. File storage

It is possible to archive the employee’s and / or company files within the system; the documents are always available for consultation.

10. Activity tracking of the employee

It is possible to trace all the employee’s activities, from interviews to training events. Each organization can customize the “activity” field according to its needs.

11. Reporting and KPI

Mploy is equipped with a reporting system capable of providing statistical data on: offices and departments, activities carried out by users and personal and contractual data of employees.

Create, model and implement your organizational structure with a complete solution featuring a simple and intuitive interface. The Onboarding & Data Management module allows you to define and manage your ecosystem and business processes in total autonomy, adapting to the specific needs of your organization.