1. What is a Vendor Management System?

In order to understand the functioning of a Vendor Management System, it is important to understand who the vendors are and why they need to be managed. Vendors are organizations, companies or societies, involved in the selling of software programmes, designed for HR departments, employment agencies, staffing companies, head hunters, etc. This means that they select candidates’ profiles for job vacancies opened by their clients.

A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a software or an online application for vendors and employers to manage and procure staffing services. It is used for temporary, and, in some cases, permanent placement services.

2. Why is it important to have a Vendor Management System?

Vendor Management Systems are an indispensable tool in the business ecosystem for companies and staffing services suppliers, such as employment agencies. Companies need them to get the best candidates for them before their competitors.
Arca24 can provide you with a complete VMS, which allows you to work with these players smoothly and efficiently.

3. How does Arca24 VMS work?

Talentum, our HR SaaS software, developed to help companies recruit and manage labor force, has a further functionality designed to manage all staffing services suppliers directly within one system.

Thanks to a targeted access system for every employment agency, our VMS allows employment agencies to enter the candidates proposed in the company’s CV database, and to assign them to a specific job vacancy.

As a result, automatic pre-screening of CVs is done within our Applicant Tracking System directly on all collected profiles, including those entered by employment agencies. They are visually recognizable thanks to the display of the vendor’s name indicating the source of origin.

4. What are the main features concerning vendors management for companies?

Thanks to our VMS, companies can:

  • have a quick preview of all vendors’ details, including contact emails, telephone numbers and the date when they were entered in the system;
  • order or filter vendors users by keyword.

5. What are the main advantages for companies?

HR departments can view all applicants’ CVs on one system. It is an automatic tool that helps recruiters save time, as they do not need to search for the information they need on different platforms, and they can close the job vacancy in a shorter time. This has a positive impact on the work of employment agencies as well, as it makes them autonomous in the applications management.


6. How do you manage vendors access into the system?

The module allows vendors to access directly to the VMS. They can also view exclusively their candidates, and start working on them immediately. As qualified vendors, they can view candidates’ status, plan an activity (for example, an interview), send emails, highlight a profile – in case of a particularly valuable candidate, or mark a profile as irrelevant – if it’s not suitable for any job.


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