HR Next Gen, one of the 10 trends of the future

Corporate News | 05.20.2021

To stay up to date, companies should keep up with new digital trends. In particular, by 2025, they will need to change and digitise their recruitment process to engage with what will be the new candidates: millennials.

Necessity being the mother of (re)invention, the Covid-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated corporate digital transformation. As companies rush to develop new digital capabilities in an effort to build resilience and retool for the post-pandemic world, it is also critical to keep up with rapidly evolving technology trends.

To monitor these more strategic digital trends, a study was conducted last year on a carefully selected group of over 100 technology companies and start-ups.

By researching the most relevant technologies and technology applications, the analysis highlighted 10 trends (such as Circular economy, Zero Waste, Cybersecurity, etc.) that are already having a significant impact on a wide range of sectors and creating great opportunities in this era of digitisation.
(Source Bain & Company, American global consulting firm)

To retool for tomorrow’s world, companies need to keep up with these strategic digital trends!

One of these trends is HR Next Gen and, in particular, how gamification can help meet the challenge of finding the best talent.

In HR Next Gen, gamification as a new talent search tool

By 2025, millennials will account for three quarters of the global workforce. Organisations will therefore increasingly be working with a pool of digital native candidates and will need to modernise their recruitment.

This new method may look very different from traditional recruitment processes, but it is extremely more effective.

Using technology to develop an innovative recruitment process can improve the performance of HR teams and allow them to identify the most promising candidates more quickly, while meeting the expectations of the new generation of talent.

Digital escape room to assess cognitive skills

Arca24’s SoftskillLab, for example, offers a next-generation search and selection solution that automates candidate screening without relying on resumes.

Thanks to a partnership with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, it offers a library of tests, also usable via smartphones, tablets and computers, to assess experience, personality traits, intellectual abilities, soft skills and multiple other factors, through a fluid and engaging candidate experience.

In particular, cognitive skills are assessed through a digital escape room to engage users, reduce fatigue and make the tests more playful.

The results the software generates quickly identify the best candidates to interview, improving human resources productivity.

It also promotes objectivity and diversity, limiting selection bias based on age, race or other factors.

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    SoftSkill- Online psychological testing platform

    SoftskillLab is an online psychological testing platform that allows you to make an effective assessment of candidates and employees.