1. What are personality factors?

Personality factors indicate a predisposition to act, process information or express emotions that is independent of changing circumstances. Personality traits are stable and unlikely to change.

It is important to understand how candidates or employees tend to react to certain circumstances or everyday situations, both in relation to the context and to the people with whom they work.

2. Test library

7 online psychological tests to assess the personality factors of your company’s staff

1. Openness to the future

Involves the awareness that the actions, plans, and beliefs of the present will determine the future.

2. Tolerance of uncertainty

Those who possess it are more inclined to risk and to accept the non-existence of a concrete answer.

3. Resilience

Ability to face adversity and endure, achieving a good level of adaptation to critical situations.

4. Openness to change

Openness to change involves not only the acceptance of change, but also a positive and optimistic view of it.

5. Curiosity

Desire to make new knowledge and experiences, explore and understand the unfamiliar.

6. Determination

Once a goal is defined, being sure it is pursued until it is achieved.

7. Ambition

Leads to a persistent and generalized pursuit of success. It is a defining trait even once a goal has been achieved.

3. What are the best tools for assessing personality factors?

There is a set of psychological tests with a variable number of items on the market, which are designed to reveal the personality traits of the person in the working environment.
Arca24’s SoftskillLab is a tool, based on the collaboration with Università Cattolica of Milan, which offers the recruiter 7 psychological tests for the evaluation of personality factors.

These tests, more specific than personality tests on the market, provide results that are easy to interpret, even by non-specialists. Thanks to the cloud-based system, they allow the evaluation of several candidates at the same time.

4. How much do personality factors affect a selection process?

A person’s personality traits are stable and unlikely to change. For this reason, it is essential to measure them as well as possible in order to identify the ideal person to be placed in a given role and context.
SoftskilLlab offers 7 psychological tests to assess these skills and ensure a fast and effective selection process.


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