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Staffing Agency | 03.06.2020

Smart badge: Arca24's App monitoring attendance for Employment Agencies

Monitoring the attendance of temporary workers on a mission has always been one of the most expensive jobs, especially if compared to the low added value of the activity itself.

However, this step required careful reading and analysis of the results by the recruiter, often leading to doubts and a high degree of arbitrariness in the interpretation of the information collected.

1. The acquisition of working hours

The acquisition of working hours is a fundamental activity for the generation of invoices and wages, but it still remains a basic but very demanding activity, to which finding an integrated solution has never been easy.

Over the years we have passed:

  • from standard attendance detectors – installed at the user company – which, however, due to their high cost, were not applicable to user companies with few temporary workers;
  • to the scanning systems of working hours, which however in the majority of cases didn’t generate real benefits, but new corrections to bring;
  • to the implementation of systems capable of directly reading customers time reports (a solution, also in this case, which proved to be inefficient when the number of temporary workers was limited and / or the duration of the mission was short).

Among the latest innovations introduced we can find the use of barcodes at the entrance to the workplace, but also in this case the practice has limits in the reading phase.
Finding a definitive solution capable of optimizing the process is an important challenge, because reducing the amount of time spent managing hours is today vital.

2. What is it about?

The most innovative Staffing Business Software provide the possibility of entering hours – via a web page – within areas reserved respectively for candidates and clients.

It is undoubtedly a step forward, a new opportunity, but for sure, thinking that all customers are available to enter the individual hours worked by temporary workers is perhaps expecting too much. A similar reasoning can be made for the candidates, whose entry of hours must be verified and approved by the client before going on billing; an insertion that risks being full in mistakes and therefore requires further processing, increasing the resources necessary to carry out this activity, going against the real benefits of the process itself.
Although all these systems are a help and an improvement compared to the paper hours bulletin, probably the only real solution (at least the most functional) is the use of an App for the detection of working hours, fully integrated into our Staffing Agency Software.

3. Smart badge

We are talking about a “smart badge” which can be installed as a normal application but which does not require any passage from a store; integration is in fact made possible by a simple link that the Temporary Employment Agency can provide to its temporary collaborators.

The “smart badge” App will behave like a normal APP: it will be recognizable thanks to an icon on the collaborator’s smartphone with the agency logo (to ensure a positive employer branding).

4. How does it work?

Its working is simple for the hired candidate: it will have two “IN” and “OUT” buttons connected to a GPS system that will allow him/her to record his/her hours in an extremely simple and effective way.

In this way, many problems will be solved: the hours will be sent automatically to the management system, and will remain visible within the customer area (for approval and verification) and in the candidate area (as a history of the hours spent).

To make detection more effective, there will be no limitations with respect to volumes: the system is able to guarantee functional insertion and management even for a short mission, with only one temporary worker.

In addition, the “smart badge” guarantees the service even when the smartphone is offline. How? He will keep a history in memory and, once the line is resumed, he will send the hours track to the Staffing Agency Software.
Smart badges will be even more useful in the post Covid-19 where agencies will necessarily have to change the way they work, and it will no longer make sense for the employee to physically bring the hours bulletin to the agency.
“Smart badge” is an extension that will be available from June; an additional module, to Ngage – Staffing Agency Software – for countries and customers who will also use the administrative modules for billing.

In addition to Italy and Switzerland, the “contracts, hours and billing” module will also be available for the US and Anglo-Saxon markets starting from September.

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