Soft Skill, the key to the future

Corporate News | 07.16.2023

Adaptability, digital communication and remote management are the fundamental skills to be developed to adequately face a scenario that will still be heavily impacted by the pandemic.

From the Observatory Barometer 2020 created by the Cegos Group, one of the main international players in corporate training, interesting indications emerge that closely concern human resources managers.

The survey involved over two thousand HR professionals and employees from four countries (Italy, France, Germany and Spain) and led to a close understanding of the changes that occurred in the last year, also following the Covid-19 emergency. in the field of Digital Transformation and skills development.

How can digital transformation be addressed?

Digital Transformation is a phenomenon that is increasingly impacting companies and employees, who clearly perceive the effects of technological developments on the world of work.In Europe, 91% of HR Managers argue that the key to addressing digital transformation lies in the development of skills, which is also considered a strategic lever by 84% of employees.

HR managers will considerably increase the number of people to be trained in the short term, on all those skills that are regularly subject to change, mainly using upskilling and refresher programs.

How is the development of skills possible?

In this regard, 90% of workers declare themselves ready to independently follow training courses in order to adapt to changes in jobs and professions.
Over 90% of HR specialists believe their department is gearing up to avoid being caught unprepared for the new challenges that await it.

How has training changed as a result of Covid-19?

The health emergency of Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on training. In fact, companies have been forced to accept the challenge of digital learning.
46% of HR specialists said they had converted projects that started as classroom training into online training.
The feeling is that, as also confirmed by Emanuele Castellani, CEO of Cegos Italy & Cegos Apac, “we will increasingly move towards a mixed use of the two modes, and therefore towards an approach that aims to maximize the benefits of both”.

What is the level of mastery of skills of European workers?

Analyzing the mastery of skills between Soft. Professional, Digital and Managerial, it emerges that only a little less than a third of employees have those necessary to respond to current business challenges.
In fact, only about 30% of employees currently possess the skills necessary to respond to new business challenges and the most critical area, in the opinion of 34% of European HR managers, is that of soft and digital skills.

What are the key Soft Skills for the future of European workers?

According to HR professionals, the transversal skills that must be mastered as a priority are: Adaptability (42%), Digital Communication (51%) and Remote management (46%).


A substantial difference emerges from the European framework between intentions and reality: the development of skills is considered fundamental to face the digital transformation, but currently only 30% of workers possess the skills necessary to face these new challenges.

In particular, companies are choosing to focus on soft skills to better face the challenges of the new scenario, and to do so they are thinking about the creation of customizable training courses, considered crucial for the development of the training course.

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