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Real smart working

Real smart working Corporate News | 08/26/2020 How will work experience change? What will remain online and what will instead return to take place strongly live? The goal, for all, is common: to create a new way of working that is truly smart, that manages to combine the productive & human bi [...]

Empathetic leadership

Empathetic leadership Corporate News | 07.22.2020 It is necessary to start with ourselves to design new ways of working, knowing [...]

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Talent Management

Job design for wellbeing

Job design for wellbeing Talent acquisition | 07.08.2021 2021 is the year of challenges, of experimentation, of putting oneself to the test: for those who lead companies, for HR departments, for all people looking for the right productivity and their life balance. Designing work to allow peop [...]

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Staffing Software

The transformation of recruitment processes

The transformation of recruitment processes Staffing Software | 31.03.2021 The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the management of research and selection processes, which can be automated and optimised thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence It is now a year since the start [...]

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HR Tech blog

Digital Transformation

Change Management

Change Management

Giving a precise definition of change may seem simple, perhaps because of the high frequency with which we use and hear this term. Many have tried to define it and as many have given aphorisms concerning the theme, but a common vision of the theme has not always been reached. How come the theme of [...]


Eighth episode FridayTech | Elasticsearch and Kibana

Eighth episode FridayTech | Elasticsearch and Kibana FridayTech | 17.11.2020 Table of contents 1. What is Kibana? 2. How can this technology help to optimise HR processes? 3. Future developments Elasticsearch is a scalable and distributed full text search engine - fully written in Java - that [...]

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Loss or theft of business tools: is it always a data breach?

Loss or theft of business tools: is it always a data breach? GDPR for HR | 04.07.2021 The discriminant is to be found in the fact that the lost or stolen device has been equipped with suitable security measures, which prevent the violation of personal data, or not. Data Breach definition: The [...]

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